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Adopt a haunted doll through this creepy toy-matching service

Ever wonder where you can adopt a haunted doll, something like Annabelle, or worse? Well there’s a market for that — a huge one, in fact — and haunted dolls are this year’s hottest trend.

People are coughing up massive cash to get their hands on dolls with shady pasts. Dolls once considered unadoptable are now flying off shelves everywhere from London to Lubbock.

Unsettling Toys, founded by Portland, Oregon couple Sara Derrickson and Brian Jilson, provides “rehoming” services to place haunted — or just plain creepy — dolls with new owners.

After a consultation, the company matches you with a doll that fits your needs. You’ll learn about the doll’s history and determine if it’s a good fit. Then you’ll take it home and get acquainted with your new pal.

One word of caution, though: some dolls have traumatic pasts, including owners who tried to burn them or dispose of them. So your haunted companion may need time to adapt.

But the good news? The company also offers a toy removal service, so they’ll come fetch the doll from your home and place it with a new owner if the doll becomes too terrifying for your comfort.

See the YouTube video by VICE TV to hear how the toy company operates.

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2 responses to “Adopt a haunted doll through this creepy toy-matching service”

  1. I’ve heard of souls attaching themselves to dolls. My mother collected dolls for many years. There were so many of them that a room was designated just for them…that eventually converted into a guest room. Not one of her grandsons would sleep in that room.


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