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Haunted Elsa doll sings in English and Spanish

When you think of haunted dolls, you probably imagine those creepy Victorian porcelain dolls clad in ruffled dresses. But those aren’t the dolls we’re dealing with in this true life Houston, Texas ghost tale.

Last month, an Elsa doll, modeled after the Disney Frozen character, stole headlines when she seemed to come to life. Now some say Elsa is possessed.

According to KPRC2 Houston News, the doll was well behaved until one night when she began spouting lines from Frozen, even bursting into song. Then, when one of the children pressed the button on Elsa’s necklace, the doll belted out “Let It Go.”

According to the mother Emily Madonia, Elsa repeated this pattern for two years, first reciting movie lines in English, then in Spanish.

“The doll was bilingual,” Madonia says. “There wasn’t even a button that was changed. She just did it on her own.”

Madonia says the doll continued speaking and singing even though the family hadn’t changed its battery in six years. Yet without fail, Elsa would burst into speech and song without warning, often late at night. But fear turned to terror when Elsa continued singing even after the family removed her battery.

The Madonia family had to act fast.

They threw the doll in the trash, assuming they were done with the infernal creature for good. But just when they thought their Christmas nightmare had ended, they received the shock of their lives. The Madonia family returned home to find Elsa perched on the living room sofa, her lips pursed in calm repose.

Madonia says she believes her kids, who swear they didn’t fetch the doll from the trash. “They wouldn’t have dug through the garbage,” she says.

Days later, Elsa stopped singing in English and began belting out “Let It Go” in Spanish. That’s when the family double-wrapped the doll in trash bags and buried it at the bottom of their garbage heap.

But terror shot through them when they returned home from a trip and found Elsa waiting. The doll sat on their porch, mischief dancing in her onyx marble eyes.

This time, the family boxed up Elsa and shipped her to a friend in Minnesota, who promptly duct-taped the doll to the bumper of his pickup truck. So far, Elsa hasn’t returned to Texas, according to Madonia’s latest Facebook update.

Let’s hope for the best.

Read more about the bilingual haunted Elsa doll here.

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